Simex TFV vertical drum cutter cropping reinforced concrete piles in Genoa construction site

Simex TFV vertical drum cutter cropping reinforced concrete piles in Genoa construction site
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on 04/05/2022
Neocos srl, a construction company from Novara area, is working in Genoa on an alternative road network located on the left bank of Polcevera, to divert the traffic flow to the San Giorgio bridge (formerly known as Morandi bridge).

Basically, a stretch of road, approximately 700 m in length, has been commissioned. That is located between the left bank of the Polcevera and the freight railway line for the goods entering and leaving the port. For the works to progress, it will be necessary to relocate the railway serving the port, taking also into consideration the hydraulic aspects for the safety of the areas at the stream mouth.

Within this huge and complex infrastructural project, a TFV 600 vertical drum cutter - provided by Zanetta Marino srl - was selected for a specific application, i.e. cropping the reinforced concrete piles that make up the skeleton of the entire infrastructure. Normally, the hydraulic hammer or the pneumatic pilebreaker is used for crushing a few piles. In this context, neither of the two methods could be used as the piles are too close to each other for a bulky machinery, such as the pilebreaker, to operate. On the other hand, the hammer would not guarantee either the productivity needed to crop more than 600 piles relevant to the entire jobsite, or the selective removal and pulverization of concrete, as the Simex TFV vertical drum cutter would have instead. The crushed material from the TFV 600 has a particle size suitable for direct transfer to an aggregate disposal plant or for its direct reuse on site, without the need of a second volumetric reduction.

The TFV 600 vertical cutter head is driven by a powerful radial piston motor which guarantees continuity and high cutting force, as well as high precision, a characteristic which has proved to be the trump card in cropping the hundreds of piles at the jobsite. The TFV milled the pile concrete to expose the reinforcement bars, in preparation of the next batch of concrete for the second phase of the works. The great precision guaranteed by the Simex drum cutter prevent any damage to the sonic tubes, present in numerous poles, used for cross-hole tests. The cross-hole is a non-invasive analysis method to verify the quality of the supporting structures through the use of ultrasound, measuring the speed of propagation. Deploying an equipment that does not damage the sonic tubes was of fundamental importance for the correct work progress.
To sum up, the TFV 600 vertical cutter head proved to be the decisive attachment for Neocos srl, distinguishing itself for daily productivity, precision in the work area and savings in material disposal.
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