Scarification of the surface course with a PL 1000 cold asphalt planer

Scarification of the surface course with a PL 1000 cold asphalt planer
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on 29/05/2023
«To carry out the milling work, we relied on the PL 1000 planer set at a depth of 40 mm, mounted on our CAT299XE skid steer loader, thus obtaining excellent performance both in terms of restoration quality and forward speed», said Daniele Francia, site manager of Loro Gino srl, grandson of the founder. Loro Gino srl is a Bologna road construction company active since 1960, specializing in paving and urbanization, sewerage, earthmoving, demolition and construction.

«We chose Simex for the great reliability of the equipment, it is no coincidence that we own 4 other cold planers from the PL range in the company. Specifically, we really appreciate the new lateral slide, redesigned for protecting the corner-shaped hoses from abrasion when working flush to the wall» continued Daniele Francia.
After the installation of the optical fiber by another company, Loro Gino srl was contracted out for the milling and restoration of the deterioration deriving from trench backfilling. Thanks to the independent depth adjustment on the right and left sides, the operator was able to carry out two side-by-side passes in a precise way, for a total surface rehabilitation of 2 metres.

«Given the high hydraulic performance provided by the prime mover and the consequent rapid milling speed, I specifically asked Simex for an additional water system, in order to obtain an adequate dust abatement, which especially in city centers and residential areas can make a difference. Simex gladly accepted my request, supplying the equipment with 3 additional sprayers» concluded Francia.
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